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App Features

Templates for Custom Options
Compatible with multiple themes

Theme Configuration

Theme Configuration lets you apply consistent tone to your website whenever you change your theme . As different themes have different design aspects and in order to match it with our app, we let the user select between different Theme Configuration .

Input Fields & Text Area.

Custom Fields Cost Add on

Add costs addons for your custom options.Perfect custom product builder for clothing,shoes and pod products.Boundless Custom Product Options.Collect information from users without displaying it on the product (i.e.Measurements).Product options listed as a dropdown menu(i.e.Countries,Sizes)

Extensive Product Options

Templates for Custom Options
Fields will be visible or hidden based on matching the criteria set.

Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to show/hide the product options based on what the customer has already picked. The idea that you can set rules, or conditions to get more sales and conversions to your store.

Advanced Features Gives you full Control

Dependencies Rule

The dependency rules make the plugin even more powerful and shows or hides specific options based on what the user selects.To show or hide the options based on the user’s selection

Image/Color Swatch

Image/Color Swatch
Unlimited of custom Product Fields.

Enables Unlimited Types of Fields to Create Product Options

Our plugin enables unlimited types of fields to create extra product options. Supported fields are text field, text area, file upload, drop down, radio button, checkbox, date & time, multi-select etc.

Set Price for Fields Based on variations for Specific Product.

Attach Options with Specific Product or Categories

Allows you to attach the global options with specific products and categories.customize the way it appears on the product page: set which title and/or a description to show and you can add custom images to radio buttons. It replaces the product image with customers’ selected radio option.

Linking Options to Products

Image/Color Swatch
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If you are facing any issues, get in touch with us via Live chat, mail, and on calls. Our support agents provide you with customer services, fielding your inquiries and solving problems. We will always be happy to help you. To reach us you can mail us at


$0/ MO
  • Easy theme configuation
  • Create upto 3 profiles & 3 products
  • Conditional Rules for fields
  • Addon Price
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Basic Plan

$8.9/ MO
+ $6 for Shopify Advanced/Plus customers
  • Easy theme configuation
  • Create Unlimited Profile for products and collections
  • Conditional Rules for fields
  • Addon Price
7 Days Trial

Lite Plan

$18.9/ MO
+ $9 for Shopify Advanced/Plus customers
  • Easy theme configuation
  • Create Unlimited Profile for products and collections
  • Conditional Rules for fields & individual options
  • Addon Price
7 Days Trial

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