New Field Type: Location

Version 3.13
  • Introducing the Location field type in Drodl: Custom Product Fields, providing users with a seamless way to enter and search for locations.
  • Utilizing Google Maps-like functionality, the location search field offers autocomplete suggestions in a dropdown menu, making it easy for users to find and select their desired location.
  • Options for Location Selection:

    Predefined Locations Only
    • Users can choose from a predefined list of locations. They have the option to add new location options, and the autocomplete search will be limited to these predefined locations.
    Automatic, Any Location
    • Users can search for any location using a Google search-like interface. Merchants have the ability to configure validations, such as including or excluding specific cities, states, or countries, as well as defining location ranges for search results.
    Backend Include/Exclude location, or choose within radius
    • Implemented backend functionality to allow administrators to include or exclude specific locations for user access, alongside the option to include locations within a certain radius of a region in the Admin section
  • Users can opt to detect and select their current location with a single click. If enabled, a button near the input field allows users to grant geolocation permission, automatically detecting and prefilling their current location when conditions are met.
  • For added convenience, users can choose to select their location manually using an interactive map interface. This feature provides visual feedback and allows users to pinpoint their desired location accurately.

Signature Field Type

Version 3.13
  • We're excited to introduce the Signature Field Type to Drodl: Custom Product Fields! This new feature simplifies the process of creating and managing digital signatures, making it easier for users to interact with forms and documents. By seamlessly integrating this functionality, we aim to enhance efficiency and convenience across a variety of workflows.
    • Draw Signature:
      Users can effortlessly draw their signatures directly on the screen, ensuring compatibility across all major browsers and devices. With an intuitive interface, signing documents has never been easier.
    • Upload Signature:
      For added flexibility, users have the option to upload their signature image from their computer. Whether it's a scanned signature or a digital image, users can easily import their signatures and integrate them into documents with just a few clicks.

Field Width Customization

Version 3.13
  • Introducing the Field Width Action feature in Drodl: Custom Product Fields, empowering users to tailor the display of each field according to their preferences.
  • Three Columns in a Field: Opt for a layout where fields span across three columns, accommodating up to three fields side by side.
  • Two Columns 50-50: Divide the field into two equal-width columns, allowing for the placement of two fields with 50% width each.
  • Two Columns 70-30:Allocate a larger portion of the field to one column (70%) while the remaining space (30%) is dedicated to the other column, providing flexibility in field width distribution.
  • Single Column: Simplify the layout by displaying the field in a single column, ideal for a focused and streamlined user interface.

Generate Series tool

Version 3.12
  • Introducing Generate Series tool in Shopify's Drodl: Custom Product Fields app, a powerful addition designed to simplify the process of creating series of options for fields.
  • With the Generate Series tool, you can effortlessly create numerical or alphabetical sequences. Whether it's A to Z or 1 to 10, this tool has you covered.
  • Define your starting and ending points, and watch as the tool generates a comprehensive series of options in seconds. Choose any starting number, from 0 to 9999, or select any letter for alphabetical ranges.
  • Stay tuned for future releases, which will include expanded series range options for even greater flexibility.

Date Field is now DateTime Field

Version 3.12
  • We're excited to announce that the Date Field in Drodl: Custom Product Fields has been upgraded to a DateTime Field, offering enhanced functionality for managing date and time data.
  • Now, when selecting this field, you have three distinct options: date only, time only, or datetime. This flexibility allows you to tailor the field precisely to your needs.
  • Existing Date Fields will seamlessly transition to the new DateTime Field, ensuring continuity in your data management processes.

Options Group Filter & Search, Reorder Fields

Version 4.0
  • Introducing a streamlined approach to option searching.
    Our latest update provides users with a refined search experience, enabling them to search Option Groups effortlessly using various parameters including headings, descriptions, active status, inactive status, as well as assigned and unassigned products.

  • Empowering customization with drag and drop functionality. Now, users can easily reorder Option Groups by simply dragging and dropping.
    In instances where an option group contains more than five fields, a convenient Reorder Options button will be displayed at the bottom, following the Add Master Field button, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Draft Field Options

Version 3.11
  • We're excited to introduce the Draft Field Options feature in Drodl: Custom Product Fields. This new functionality provides greater control over your field options, allowing you to designate certain options as drafts.
  • Each option can now be designated as either active or draft. By default, options are set as active. When an option is marked as draft, it will no longer appear in the frontend, providing a seamless way to manage your options behind the scenes.

  • In the admin preview, draft options will be visibly disabled, making it clear that they are not currently available for selection. This ensures clarity for administrators managing the options within the application.
  • Additionally, options marked as draft will be excluded from selection in the condition field. This prevents drafts from affecting conditional logic, maintaining consistency in your application's behavior.

Theme Extension

Version 3.9
  • Introduces the theme extension for Shopify's Drodl: Custom Product Fields app.
  • No need to manually inject app snippets into themes; the extension automatically integrates the app into the theme when enabled.
  • Allows users to safely test the Drodl: Custom Product Fields app in a backup theme without making it live, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • Seamless integration with existing themes, minimizing potential conflicts or disruptions during app installation.
  • Easy activation and deactivation of the theme extension from the Shopify admin dashboard, providing full control to the store owners.

Field Type: Slider

Version 3.8

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our product page customization options with the introduction of the Slider Type Input Field. Now, you have even more control and flexibility when it comes to fine-tuning your product presentation. This new feature comes in two distinct types to cater to your specific needs:

  • Default Slider:
    The Default Slider is your go-to choice when you need a straightforward, single-pointer slider. Effortlessly set a single value within the defined range to provide a seamless user experience. Ideal for scenarios where a single numeric value needs to be selected.
  • Range Slider:
    The Range Slider is your ultimate solution for creating a dynamic product page. With two pointers, you can specify both the minimum and maximum values within the slider's range. Perfect for situations where you want users to select a range of values, such as price ranges or size specifications.
  • This new Slider Type Input Field empowers you to enhance user interactivity and engagement on your product page, making it easier for your customers to make informed decisions. We're confident that this feature will elevate your product presentation and provide a more user-friendly shopping experience.

Copy/Paste Functionality

Version 3.7
  • Introducing a new Copy/Paste functionality to enhance profile creation and management in Drodl: Custom Product Fields.
  • Enhanced Profile Management: With the introduction of the Copy/Paste functionality, you can now take full control of your profiles. This feature empowers you to seamlessly replicate, reorganize, and edit your profiles across different stores.
  • Copy Individual Fields and Option Groups: You can now copy not only entire profiles but also individual fields and complete option groups within the same store profile. However, please keep in mind copying rules and product add on ID’s may require manual attention.
  • We've extended the Copy/Paste functionality to allow you to copy fields and option groups from one store profile to another. While product addon IDs can be copied, handling rules may require your attention.
  • How the Functionality Works for Users: To make the Copy/Paste functionality user-friendly, we've incorporated two convenient methods for you to choose from:

    Right-Click and Copy
    • Simply right-click on the field or option group you want to copy.
    • Select "Copy" from the context menu.The content will be copied to your clipboard for easy transfer.

Enhanced Drodl: Custom Product Fields Configuration

Version 3.6
  • Users now have the option to choose how Drodl: Custom Product Fields fields are displayed on the product page. They can either show it directly on the product description page or show all the fields inside a popup on Product page.
  • Added a checkbox in the first step while creating option group to enable displaying Drodl: Custom Product Fields fields in a popup on the product page.
  • When enabling the popup display, users can specify a custom button name to open the popup.
    Default Button Name: "Configure"
  • With this setting enabled, the "Configure" button replaces the traditional "Add to Cart" button on the Product Description Page (PDP).
  • Clicking the "Configure" button opens a popup displaying all the fields, with an "Add to Cart" button conveniently placed below.
  • The Configure button dynamically disables when the product is out of stock or any field variant is unavailable, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • These enhancements provide greater flexibility and interactivity for product configuration through Drodl: Custom Product Fields and are designed to improve the overall user experience on the platform.

Field Type: Star Rating

Version 3.5
  • This feature will provide users with the capability to include a 'Rating' field type within their option groups.
  • Users will have the flexibility to assign ratings on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Customization of rating options will be supported, enabling users to employ personalized text or icons in addition to tooltips for each rating level.

Font Picker as a Field Type

Version 3.4
  • Introduces a new field type called "Font Picker" to the Drodl: Custom Product Fields app.
  • Customers can choose their desired font for customized products, adding a unique touch to their orders.
  • Provides an extensive selection of fonts to cater to diverse customer preferences, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • Font customization options can be easily managed by store owners, including the ability to add custom fonts to align with branding.
  • Real-time font preview during customization, allowing customers to visualize the final product before purchase.

Quantity option for price addon variants

Version 3.3
  • Enables users to select price addon variants with quantity for more customization options.
  • The app's user interface includes the ability to set maximum and minimum quantity for each variant.
  • Customers can now purchase products with multiple addons in different quantities, enhancing product personalization.

Dropdown with Thumbnails Feature

Version 3.2
  • Introducing the new Dropdown with Thumbnails feature, enhancing the user experience by providing visual previews of options and variations within a dropdown menu.
  • This field will only be available in LITE PLAN
  • Users can now upload images for each option, allowing for a more engaging and personalized selection process.
  • In addition to image uploads, users can also select color swatches for each option, providing a convenient visual representation of available choices.
  • This feature provides a seamless integration with existing dropdown functionality, allowing users to choose from a variety of options while also having a visual reference for each selection.
  • The Dropdown with Thumbnails feature offers a versatile solution for businesses selling products with various options, variations, or customizable elements, allowing for a more visually appealing and interactive shopping experience.

Disable add to cart button when variant out of stock

Version 3.1.1
  • Addresses a critical functionality issue related to out-of-stock variants.
  • If a product variant is required to add an item to the cart, but it is out of stock, the "Add to Cart" button will be automatically disabled.
  • Prevents customers from attempting to purchase unavailable items, minimizing frustration and ensuring a smoother shopping journey.
  • Customizable out-of-stock messaging, providing a clear and informative prompt to customers when a variant is unavailable.

Negative Price Feature

Version 3.1
  • Drodl: Custom Product Fields, we released new negative option pricing feature. For example, when a customer chooses an option, the total product is reduced by $10.
  • Since we have a custom price addition feature in the app, the user can also add a negative price addition. We offer this feature only in Lite plan with additional price.
  • At the app level, we provide a warning when the user enters a negative add-on price to make this clear.
  • When a negative price is added to the cart, we create an order draft before checkout so that the negative price can be deducted from the product price.

New Field Type: Color

  • Introducing "New Field Type: Color".
  • Users can now incorporate customizable color picker on the product page.
  • This field will only be available in LITE PLAN
  • You can choose color by manually entering the color code in RGB or HEX
  • Enhances visual appeal and offers a more interactive shopping experience

GroupTitle Template CSS Issue Resolved

  • Resolved CSS issue related to the GroupTitle template
  • Template now renders flawlessly across browsers and devices
  • Users can utilize the template without encountering visual inconsistencies

Theme Configuration Compatibility with all types of Shopify Themes

  • Improved compatibility of theme configuration functionality
  • Supports all types of Shopify themes
  • Users can confidently configure and customize their themes without compatibility issues
  • Seamless integration experience for tailored store appearance and functionality

Cart Issues

Hide Variant on the cart page

Trouble with Drodl: Custom Product Fields Cart:
  • We hide the variants that are visible on the shopping cart page.
  • The feature has been technically implemented.
  • A hidden visibility was added until the shopping cart is manipulated
  • We do not show this variant as an additional item on the shopping cart page.
  • However, it will be displayed for a period of 7-8 seconds when the pages load, which will be difficult for any user. To prevent this, we hide the page content until everything is loaded. You can see it as soon as the page is loaded.
While uploading images, get a warning:
  • There are fields like swatch that allow you to upload a sample image.
  • If the resolution of the uploaded image is larger than the required resolution, the following warning message is displayed
  • No warning will be displayed if the image resolution is less than 200px. In any case, the image resolution is more than twice the size of the color sample. A warning is displayed (Show warning) The following yellow warning is not an error:
  • It is a large image! Reduce the image size to shorten the loading time. Recommended size: 200 x 200px
  • The recommended image size is at least 200 pixels or twice the width of the color swatch, whichever is larger.
  • When creating image fields, we check if the uploaded image exceeds the required resolution. If so, a warning message is displayed in the pop-up window for adding fields.

Field Move Arrow supports multiple clicks, Duplicated field was added in bottom & Show/Hide a field without deleting it

  • For rearranging fields, we have added the ability to click the arrows multiple times to move a given field up or down, depending on the number of clicks.
  • Past versions of the application, the duplicated field was inserted at the very bottom, but now we insert the duplicated field object right after the field so that it is easy for users to check the duplicated field without scrolling down.
  • If the user does not want to show a certain field on the product page without deleting it, then we have the option to mark the field as draft. We manage the status of each field and check on the product page if the field is marked as draft, so we do not create the field.

Language Fix

  • The Masterfield title has not been translated into any language.
  • The buttons on the dashboard fall out of the map when translated.
  • Sometimes notifications appear above the text.
  • Placement of notification numbers when translating to Italian
  • The type selection is displayed in English.
  • The TinyMCE editor displays a menu in English.
  • Add conditions for French has a design problem
  • Breadcrumbs of the theme configuration are not converted
  • In the app interface, some words were not translated to their respective languages. We have therefore added a translation for these words. For translated words, the buttons were set to "out of the box". We fixed that with some styles.
  • The same problem occurred with the Conditional Logic tab in the Dependency option layer. We fixed it with the help of CSS styles

Multiple reloads when deleting add-on products on the shopping cart page

  • When deleting add-on products on the shopping cart page, the page loads multiple times.
  • We have added the call to AJAX to all add-on keys so this no longer occurs.
  • To prevent multiple reloads, we created a common Ajax call to remove the product and linked variants in a single call, so that the page is loaded only once.